Your Own Franchise is an Independent Contractor, engaged in the activity of introducing prospective business buyers to sellers of franchise and business opportunities.  Your Own Franchise may be paid a finder’s fee or commission by the seller if you elect to purchase a business from a company that was introduced to you by us.  Your own Deal is not an agent, employee, representative, or other functionary of the seller of any  franchise introduced to you.

Your Own Franchise’s website is designed to provide information on franchise and business opportunity companies to prospective business buyers. In some cases, this information is provided by a franchise or business opportunity that advertises or is listed on this website. In other situations, it is compiled from publically available information. In each case, Your Own Franchise has not checked the accuracy of this information.   Your Own Franchise assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any information concerning any franchise or business opportunity or for the acts, errors, or omissions of the seller, or the outcome of any transaction. The representations, views, and opinions expressed or implied in any document or image included in, or linked to or from this site, do not necessarily state or reflect those of Your Own Franchise and are subject to change. As a prospective business buyer, you are responsible to thoroughly investigate any listing or company, obtain all appropriate disclosure documents, and seek expert consultation prior to making any investment decisions.  Your Own Franchise urges anyone purchasing a business to seek professional advice from a lawyer, accountant, or other qualified resource. You alone are responsible for researching the franchise you purchase. 

The services and functionality provided on this website may be used solely for their intended purpose. Without limiting the foregoing, this website and the services and functionality it provides may not be used in any unlawful manner, and may not be used for competitive intelligence, reverse engineering, or copying of any of its content or functionality. By submitting a request for information regarding any of our Sponsors or any franchise seller, the user submitting such request represents and warrants that all information submitted is true and non-misleading, and does not violate any law or regulation. Your Own Franchise reserves the right to deny service to any user at any time, in its sole discretion.

In most cases, a franchise seller is required to deliver a Franchise Disclosure Document to you at least 14 days before you sign any binding agreement or pay any fees.  You should review this document carefully, and compare the information in it to any other information you have previously received from Your Own Franchise or from other sources.  If you find discrepancies, you should discuss these discrepancies with the franchise or business opportunity seller. Your Own Franchise has not reviewed these documents and does not take responsibility for the accuracy or legal compliance of any information provided to you by any seller to whom you are introduced.  Likewise, Your Own Franchise has not verified any seller’s compliance with state or federal franchise or other laws. Buying a franchise is a complicated investment. Take your time to decide, and personally visit the headquarters of the company you elect to buy from. Make good, common sense decisions in all investment matters.

The Federal Trade Commission regulates the sale of franchises. The FTC has a very user friendly web site, We suggest you use it.

Your state may also have laws regarding franchises. Ask your state consumer affairs agencies about them.

The Better Business Bureau is another excellent information source for potential franchise buyers. will put you in instant touch with both local and national offices.

In accepting our services, you hereby release us from any liability for any claims, known and unknown, arising or relating to any information that we may provide to you regarding any franchise or business opportunity and any investment you may make in pursuing or acquiring any franchise or business opportunity we may introduce to you.